New Foundations Recovery Housing

This case study demonstrates our expertise in creating and implementing a full-scale branding and marketing strategy.


New Foundations Recovery Housing approached us with the need to establish a comprehensive brand identity from the ground up. They needed a compelling logo, a cohesive brand strategy, and a suite of marketing materials that would help them effectively communicate their mission and values. Additionally, they required a robust social media presence and engaging email campaigns to reach and engage their target audience.

Working directly with their executive director and outreach and marketing manager, we created a unified communication strategy that would empower the organization to get their message out to the communities they serve and provide quality recovery housing to those in need.


Logo and Brand Development

We began by developing a logo that encapsulated the essence of New Foundations Recovery Housing. The design was intended to convey stability, support, and renewal, reflecting the organization’s commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals in recovery. We also developed a tagline, “Heal. Grow. Live.” This tagline is now an integral part of the messaging throughout their marketing campaigns. Along with this, we established comprehensive brand guidelines, including a color palette, typography, and visual guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms.

Marketing Materials

To support their outreach efforts, we created a suite of marketing materials, including:

  • Brochures and Flyers: Informative and visually appealing, these materials were designed to highlight the services offered by New Foundations and the benefits of their recovery housing program.

Email Campaigns

To keep their audience informed and engaged, we designed and executed a series of email campaigns, including:

  • Newsletter: Monthly newsletters that provided updates on New Foundations’ activities, upcoming events, and success stories.
  • Targeted Email Blasts: Promotional emails focused on specific initiatives, fundraising efforts, and special events, crafted to drive action and support.


The comprehensive branding and marketing efforts significantly contributed to New Foundations Recovery Housing’s success:

  • Strong Brand Identity: The cohesive brand identity established a professional and trustworthy image, helping New Foundations stand out in the recovery housing sector.
  • Increased Engagement: The social media strategy and engaging content led to a growing and active online community, increasing brand visibility and support.
  • Effective Communication: The well-crafted email campaigns and marketing materials effectively communicated New Foundations’ mission and services, attracting both clients and supporters.
  • Enhanced Outreach: The consistent and professional branding across all platforms facilitated better outreach and engagement, supporting New Foundations in achieving their mission to provide safe and supportive recovery housing.

Our work with New Foundations Recovery Housing showcases our ability to build a strong brand from scratch and develop engaging marketing and communication materials that drive awareness, engagement, and support.

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About New Foundations Recovery Housing
  • New Foundations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recovery housing provider that was established in 2009. They provide fully furnished move-in ready recovery housing options for those in recovery from alcohol or substance use disorder. Their stable living environment offers individuals a place with structure, accountability, and support as they navigate their new lives in recovery.
A trusted colleague and former board member recommended VN Creative to us. They walked us through the process as we worked together to create an exciting new brand, tagline and develop a new website. Vicki and Erick provided us with a project plan ahead of time; utilizing to-do lists and deadlines for each milestone. This made each phase of the project easier for us to provide the needed content and feedback to their team. This was incredibly valuable and beneficial to New Foundations Recovery Housing and to my own experience and career. VN Creative are very easy to work with, very direct. I appreciate all of the knowledge and guidance that was given and the opportunity to learn. Vicki and Erick are wonderful people with great compassion and are a joy to work with.

Amy Parker, Community Outreach and Marketing Manager, New Foundations Recovery Housing

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