Privacy Policy

The Information We Collect:

Occasionally, VN Creative may request that you submit personal information when filling out forms on our website. These forms prompt entry of the following personal information: name, phone number, and email.

What We Use Your Information For:
VN Creative requests your personal information for various reasons, including the following:

Customization of your project:
By acquiring your information, thoughts, etc., VN Creative can tailor your website design specific to you, your field of business, and your personal needs. In return, you can expect a website solution that surpasses that of your competitors.

Optimization of Customer Service:
Providing the best customer service to our clients is vital to the overall success of VN Creative . With your feedback, VN Creative ensures the business growth and satisfaction for you, your business, and VN Creative.

Efficient and Timely Contact:
VN Creative will ALWAYS follow through on a contact request. While we don’t need a request to reach out to our clients, your requests are welcome and returned in a timely fashion.

Optimization of VN Creative Website:
VN Creative primary goal is to provide ideal customer service through website design. However, your feedback is imperative to the improvement of the VN Creative website and customer service that we deem essential.

Implementing Routine Contact:
While VN Creative is a continually growing company, the relationship we form with our clients remain closely connected. Your concerns are important to us which is why we request them. We guarantee constant communication and knowledge of your status throughout the entirety of your project.

We Protect Your Personal information:
VN Creative guarantees stringent security of our client’s personal information. Upon entering or submitting your personal information, you will be required to enter a stored, and personal, password that is protected within the VN Creative database.

We Use Cookies For Optimal Tracking:
VN Creative employs cookies as a means of compiling, organizing, and remembering your saved preferences for future site traffic. By understanding your site traffic, VN Creative can provide an ideal site practice for the future.

VN Creative Does Not Disclose Any Information to Outside Parties:
We, at VN Creative , operate under stringent privacy protection, guaranteeing NO DISCLOSURE of personal information to outside parties (other than third party agents whom lend assistance and operate within the scope of the clients agreed project contract). VN Creative does not transfer, sell, or trade any of your personal information to outside parties. VN Creative may release your personal information in the event that this disclosure is in accordance with the law and protection of your/our rights and safety. In the event that other parties are assisting with the terms and conditions of the client’s project (i.e. marketing, etc.), some non-personally identifiable information may be released.

Third Party Websites:
From time to time, VN Creative will present the services of a third party on our website. Since these third parties are separate entities from VN Creative, we will bear no responsibility for the privacy policies, activities, and/or material of said parties. Access to any of these third party links will be done at your own risk. However, VN Creative welcomes your feedback and concerns with direct connection to these third parties.

Utilization of the VN Creative site and/or services demonstrates that you agree and consent to the Privacy Policy of VN Creative.

Changes To This Privacy Policy:
Should VN Creative feel inclined to alter the contents of this Privacy Policy, notification will be made on this page of such edits.

VN Creative reserves the rights to alter the Privacy Policy at any time.

Contact Us:
VN Creative is happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We encourage you to contact us at the following:

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